Digital Health Product Designer

Dr Peyton’s special interests lie in participatory design, human-centred design, behaviour change theory, persuasive technology and rigorously measuring outcomes.

Dr Peyton has been desigining and developing digital health products since 2014. He has a passion for participatory design using white label platforms to deliver clinically meaningful and measureable change, with a focus on equity.

Digital health projects

These are some digital health projects that I have initiated, designed and delivered.

Towards equitable access for child mental healthcare: a co-designed digital health intervention

A research project under the guidance of the Digital Health team at MCRI, the Health Services research team within the Centre for Community Child Health, and the School of computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne.

He is also a fellowship by training program candidate with the Australasian Instititue of Digital Health .

A website for paediatricians allowing them to effectively and efficiently access evidence-based and evidence-informed digital health resources.

Evidence-based digital health interventions for parents

A website mapping community and online resources specifically for the Geelong paediatric team.

Autism services in Geelong


MyKidsTips is an app available on iOS. It is a free app that delivers health information on eczema, constipation, allergies and sleep. It contains simplified health information, delivered through engaging video, written and picture-based content. The accessible content is designed to efficiently direct parents to find and understand what they need to know.

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