FindWays. Helping parents find ways to help their child’s behaviour and emotions.

FindWays is a new website for parents. It will help parents find ways of helping their child’s behavioural or emotional problem, earlier

FindWays is a new website for parents.

FindWays will link parents to strategies, group programs, online programs and local professional services to help their child. All the advice is tailored to the child’s specific problem and age.

The website directly responds to recommendation 6 of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

The website was created by Dr Daniel Peyton for his PhD, under the supervision of Professor Harriet Hiscock, Dr Greg Wadley and Dr Naomi Hackworth.


FindWays has been funded by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Charity Drive Days, NHMRC and Barwon Health Foundation Future Fund.

Co-designed in Geelong

FindWays was co-designed with families in Geelong.

Pilot RCT evaluation

FindWays will be evaluated in a pilot randomised controlled trial starting in February 2022.

ISRCTN registration 64605513

Sites in Geelong

FindWays will be recruiting from three clinics in Geelong (Geelong Paediatric Group, Barwon Paediatrics and Geelong Children’s Clinic).

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